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Company Profile

SASCO s.r.o. is a small but dynamic company selling spare parts for trucks. Since 1995 we have provided professional services to many satisfied customers throughout the Czech Republic. Because our company has had many years of experience on the wholesale market, we are today able to offer our customers quality parts for competitive prices. Our business partners are foreign-owned manufacturing and multinational distribution companies. We work with top producers in the field, such as Italian producer of plastic parts COS.PEL, German manufacturer of air brake systems KNORR-BREMSE or French company VALEO.

Our customer portfolio consists primarily of companies engaged in international and domestic transport, service centers and construcImagestion companies. We supply spare parts for trucks almost all foreign brands such as DAF, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES, RENAULT, SCANIA, VOLVO, BOVA and more.

SASCO s.r.o. provides a number of professional services including consulting, free delivery of goods, and truck service. Our priority is not only to supply with quality products for competitive prices, but also honest and kind approach to customers and expertise in the field. Major emphasis is placed primarily on customers' satisfaction that is achieved through transparency of prices and quality service.

Our vision is to further strengthen our position in the market as one of the leading suppliers of spare parts for trucks. Constantly we strive to improve the level of customer satisfaction. We believe that friendly and honest approach is a key to success and further growth of our business. We highly appreciate not only new customers but we also care about the existing ones, whom we always try to offer fast and reliable service. We are pleased that a majority of orders come from repeated deliveries to our loyal customers.

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